Aluminum Lama Profiles

Product Description

- Where are Aluminum Lama Profiles Used?

The answer to where aluminum lama profiles are used,

• Aluminum lama profiles carrier systems,
• Aluminum lama profiles, curtains and supports,
• Aluminum lama profiles grill,
• Aluminum lama profiles construction hangar designs,
. Aluminum lama profiles are used as support profiles in balcony systems in buildings (structures).
Apart from these, machine manufacturers, curtain (blind) systems, suitcase manufacturers, electronics manufacturers are widely used as anodized or electrostatic painted.
Aluminum lama is also used in the automotive sector to strengthen the support forces and to strengthen all the bonds between the two profiles, between the floor and the ceiling, by supporting them. Aluminum lama profiles, which are a general reinforcement material, are used a lot because they have a very long life after anodized coating or electrostatic powder coating. For this reason, in most of the works in the construction sector, especially in structures with balconies, aluminum lama profiles are used in the structure and reinforcement is made.
Since Aluminum Lama Profile is 2.7 lighter than steel (rebar) building material and during production, it is possible to produce 6-12 meters in length or in different sizes, in general, according to the desired dimensions, apart from the standards.