Our Extrusion Facility

☞ 2 fully automatic extrusion lines

☞ Annual production capacity of 12.000 tons

☞ Transparent instant traceability


BARANSAN Extrusion Facility consists of 2 separate production lines of 1,100 and 2,000 tons, with an annual production capacity of 12,000 tons. Using primary quality billets, it produces in international quality standards and advanced facilities with our expert employees.



The name in the Industry

We are proud and happy to be a leader in the Turkish industry and to be among the rapidly growing companies in Europe and the World. The reason for this success is not only our production quality and being a solution partner, but also to meet the best customer expectations and to be based on continuity.

Custom Profile Production for You

As BARANSAN Extrusion, we produce in every diameter and alloy specific to your needs; We produce solutions and make investments to create added value for many sectors such as industry, construction, automotive, industrial industry, furniture industry, maritime and transportation.

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