Quality Management


BARANSAN; It produces profiles for projects that require sensitive production skills such as rail system, automotive, energy, industrial industry and maritime.
We produce at international quality standards in our facility with up-to-date technologies.

In the Management Process;

Order Takeover

☞ A newly launched mold is procured and the sample approval process begins,

☞ If it is an existing mold, the sample approval process starts,

☞ Test productions are made, measurement form and sample are sent to the customer,

☞ Preparation of the production part approval process (PPAP),

☞ Fulfillment of all instructions and procedures, from mold heat to full-time production

Quality control

BARANSAN quality control team has well-trained and knowledgeable employees;

☞ Hardness test,

☞ Bending test,

☞ Macro structure control,

☞ Visual control, which is the best control tool,

☞ Surface control,

☞ Impact, tensile and torsion test

With these tests we have done, we ensure the expectations of our customers.


Our Sensitivity to the Environment

As BARANSAN, we work with all our strength to keep consumption to a minimum in subjects such as recycling of waste products, treatment of waste water, and emission management. You can find our quality documents in the 'Documents' section.

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